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Professor Dan Rineheart has built his career studying art.  He has a good job and a great family.  But can he unravel the twisted mystery behind an anonymous painting before it devours his mind?

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Grim Horizons: Tales of Dark Fiction

GRIM HORIZONS is a cerebral collection.  Seven short stories that blend fantasy and horror, psychological thrills and futuristic fiction. Taken one by one, or as a feast altogether, these dark tales are a treat for those that like their fiction a little bit twisted.

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A Feast of Infinite Rot

A fusion of dark fantasy and horror, A FEAST OF INFINITE ROT is a novella of intelligent tales of terror all tied together by a traveller whose eyes have seen twisted horrors few would believe. Savored by themselves or devoured altogether, these stories are sure to leave the reader unsettled.

Come in from the cold world outside.
Savor the smell of spiced meat and mulled wine.
And sink your teeth in to A FEAST OF INFINITE ROT.


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A Debt of Bacon


A dozen travelers ran from the plagued cities.
Over frozen mountains, across a burning desert.
Yet of those that set out, only he lived to see the journey’s end.
Only he survived.


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December 20th, 1986

DECEMBER 20TH 1986 is a short tale of holiday pressure and the lengths one man will go to secure his family’s future. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and whatever you do, stay out of the basement.

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Learning to Fly

It’s a day of trials, a day of training. A day of births and awakening. Today, man and machine will discover that sometimes the furthest distance is between those closest together, and that within mistakes lay the greatest lessons.

It is a perfect day to fly.

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You Are Not a Metaphor

On the sun-scalded highways of the American desert, a man flees with his child… and a demon opens her eyes.

Racing against time and his crumbling mind, this father must push the accelerator to the floor… and his body past exhaustion. For what chases them does not sleep. His only goal: to save his child before a dark ritual is finished. Hot on their heels: a woman whose golden eyes scour the high desert. Who uses memory to track down her prey. Whose fingers can reach right into his mind.

YOU ARE NOT A METAPHOR blows through the intersection of literary horror and weird fantasy. It’s a non-stop race for a father and child where a single mistake spells a fate worse than death.

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A Brief Treatise on Market Ecologies, Vol. III

Gwendolyn doesn’t just pull herself up by her bootstraps, she cures the leather, sews the stitches, and cobbles the whole boot.

But can Gwendolyn’s ambitious art keep up with a world in transition?

This is New Avalon in the age of disruption. Where photographs now come in color. Where steam carriages leave horse-drawn carriages behind. Where couriers race against telegrams and sea-mail sends entire letters through ocean-deep cables. In this bustling new age, a craftswoman must keep pace with innovation or risk falling behind.

To sell her enchanted terrariums, Gwendolyn must choose. Will she stick to her principles and put art before commerce? Or will she embrace change brought on by Autochrome, a new social technology that’s making museums a thing of the past?

A BRIEF TREATISE ON MARKET ECOLOGIES, VOL III, is a whimsical look at world not so different than our own. A place where everyone can be someone… if you’re willing to pay the price.

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