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When you bury your past, make sure that it’s dead.

It’s the mid-nineties. Grunge and flannel are fading as the Spice Girls and Hot Topic conquer the malls. Cherry gloss glistens on the lips of the youth. Modems hiss as America comes online.

And in a fog-drenched cove at the edge of New England, something terrible awakens when a fisherman reels in a gruesome catch: the remains of a young woman.

Remains still pulsing with furious life.

For Megan Monroe and her friends, this is how their nightmare begins: a wet whisper over their shoulder, a dark hand reaching out from the edge of their sight, and a name clawing at the back of their minds. A young woman scratched from their memory.

To stop this devouring terror, Megan will need to mend broken friendships and reassemble her fractured past, for what stalks them hungers to remake itself in their image… piece by bloody piece.

Dig into the haunted past with Head Like a Hole, a novel of malignant secrets, shattered friendships, and twisted bodily horror.

★★★★★ “This is a brilliant read. A wonderful well-written plot and a story line that had me engaged from the start.”
★★★★★ “A quick, fun read that will be enjoyed by true crime, horror, and sci-fi fans.”
★★★★★ “A beautiful, gritty tale that engages you to piece it all together while being deliciously entertained at the same time.”

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