By the Light of Dead Stars Signed Hardback (AuthorCon Pickup)



On the Lost Coast, some things should never be found.

When tragedy shatters thirteen-year-old Zelda Ruiz’s adolescence, she retreats with her uncle Mark to the bucolic town of Greywood Bay. It’s a chance to heal, a chance to build a new life together.

But nothing can prepare them for the malignant terror that has long coveted these lands.

It looms over redwood groves and lurks in the foundations of homes. It festers in the dark hearts of the wounded. And now, this cosmic horror has found a new weapon: a means to worm its way into our world.

To save their community—and each other—Zelda and Mark will need to confront their darkest demons, both inside and out. For what stalks Greywood Bay hungers for suffering above all else.

And soon it will feast… By the Light of Dead Stars.

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⚠️ NOTE: This hardback copy of By the Light of Dead Stars is for personal pickup at Authorcon 2024 in Williamsburg, VA, April 12-14th. This reserves your copy. Please stop by my booth to pick it up.