Blind Site (The Clearwater Conspiracies #1) Signed Paperback


Vengeance hides at the edge of perception.

That’s what investigator Michaels is learning as he uncovers a series of brutal murders committed by what the media is calling the God’s Breath Killer—a mysterious entity that leaves no clues, no logical explanation… and no witnesses.

Until a young woman crosses paths with this killer.

Meet Caitlyn Grey: twenty-six, agoraphobic, and blind. She travels the world without leaving home. Caitlyn can blink—sending her mind across earth. It’s a skill she’s kept hidden, one she shares with this killer.

To the police, it’s the impossible: How could a blind woman see a crime that didn’t leave prints? But to Michaels it’s just the break his investigation needs. He’s uncovered a pattern among the dead doctors, scientists, and professors—a connection to a Cold War experiment that weaponized the mind.

Now, Caitlyn and Michaels must team up to track down an evil formed by cruel science—an adversary that can bend perception. Both an unrelenting thriller and a tale of sci-fi horror, Blind Site is a novel of identity and vengeance, a twisted hunt into fractured consciousness itself.

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