A Brief Treatise on Market Ecologies, Vol. III

Gwendolyn doesn’t just pull herself up by her bootstraps, she cures the leather, sews the stitches, and cobbles the whole boot.

But can Gwendolyn’s ambitious art keep up with a world in transition?

This is New Avalon in the age of disruption. Where photographs now come in color. Where steam carriages leave horse-drawn carriages behind. Where couriers race against telegrams and sea-mail sends entire letters through ocean-deep cables. In this bustling new age, a craftswoman must keep pace with innovation or risk falling behind.

To sell her enchanted terrariums, Gwendolyn must choose. Will she stick to her principles and put art before commerce? Or will she embrace change brought on by Autochrome, a new social technology that’s making museums a thing of the past?

A BRIEF TREATISE ON MARKET ECOLOGIES, VOL III, is a whimsical look at world not so different than our own. A place where everyone can be someone… if you’re willing to pay the price.

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