A Hollow Dream of Summer’s End

This is no children’s tale…
This is what nightmares are made of.

All suns must set.  All seasons must end.

For three fifth-grade friends, this summer’s last sleepover takes a dark turn when a game goes wrong and a creature as old as time itself rises from the dark woods to claim them.

Trapped high in a treehouse by a twisted monster below, their friendship is tested as they discover the true meaning of terror.

Tonight, they must fight for their lives to keep out the nightmare, and the madness it brings.

There is no escape.
There is no salvation.
There is only the treehouse, the hungering horror below, and the dawn that may never come…

A Hollow Dream of Summer’s End is the First Chapter of a Harrowing New Series Where Fantasy Meets Horror at Childhood’s End.

28,000 words // 106 pages // Horror
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