A Feast of Infinite Rot


“Every tale is born in truth, just as every tree comes from a seed. And so it is in these tales that we learn about life, fiction and fact both leading us along. Which road you choose to follow, which details you choose to believe, I leave up to you, dear listeners.”

And so begin three dark tales at a nameless inn on the edge of the New World. Three stories told in lieu of gold, payment for refuge and a feast. Three tales that may reveal or conceal a storyteller’s darkest secrets.

– The Hag’s Reckoning –

At forest’s edge lives a twisted woman, a creature the children will soon learn to fear.  When a prank goes wrong and accusations of witchcraft are spoken, a cruel vengeance is unleashed and a dark reckoning comes.

The Elder of Aldritch –
A dying vineyard serves as the staging grounds for experiments that seek to unlock the energies of the earth.  An arcane scientist, a spoiled son, the perfect wine, and an imperfect murder.

The Timberman’s Daughter –
A traveling tutor, a beautiful daughter, and a forbidden love turned to terror on one bloody night.

A fusion of dark fantasy and horror, A FEAST OF INFINITE ROT is a novella of intelligent tales of terror all tied together by a traveller whose eyes have seen twisted horrors few would believe. Savored by themselves or devoured altogether, these stories are sure to leave the reader unsettled.

Come in from the cold world outside.
Savor the smell of spiced meat and mulled wine.
And sink your teeth in to A FEAST OF INFINITE ROT

30,000 words // Fantasy – Horror