Coming Soon — A Hollow Dream – Eternal Autumn

Death has come for Aiden

On the last night of summer, a child’s game has turned grim.  Aiden has fallen and woken up to a terrible truth: he is dead.

Yet Death is Just the First Step

Fleeing through a tunnel between worlds, Aiden discovers others, those who have found sanctuary in a place beyond existence.

—Life is Cruel, Death is No Different—

Welcome to Eternal Autumn, a land of whispering mystery between existence and nothingness. Here, among the frozen colors of Autumn, is a world home to the memories of the dead… and the demons that hunt them. A city of collective memories and agless children; dark swamps and darker magic; and an ancient ritual that just might bring Aiden what all dead truly want…

… a Second Life

A Hollow Dream – Eternal Autumn is the Second Chapter in a Harrowing Series, where Fantasy meets Horror at Childhood’s End.

108,000 words / / Coming Early 2014


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