About Andrew

Andrew Van Wey was born in Palo Alto, California, spent part of his childhood in New England, and currently lives as an expatriate abroad where he doubts his sanity on a daily basis.

As a child of the late 80’s and early 90’s, Andrew fondly remembers a time when cell phones were the size of bricks, a good scare could be found in a stack of Stephen King books, vampires didn’t glimmer nor go to high school, and a sleepover was best spent scaring friends with low budget horror on VHS.

Years later Andrew still takes that same joy in being a purveyor of frights and writes well into the night. He takes his cues from a foundation built on films like Jacob’s Ladder, Angelheart, The Exorcist, and such books as The Shining, Ghost Story, and The Damnation Game.  Readers have called his stories: “Beautifully written,” — “Stunning,” — “The Scariest Book I’ve Ever Read!”

When he’s not writing he can probably be found hiking, playing video games, sleeping with the lights on, or spitballing ideas with his wife while walking Daeny, their old english sheepdog.  He considers gelato and pizza to be a perfectly acceptable meal, shorts to be business-casual if paired with a scarf, and is considered by most to be a pleasant, if odd, fellow.

Fun Facts About Andrew:

  • As a kid he had his collarbone broken in three places when a rather large girl fell on him at sports camp.
  • He is missing several inches of his small intestine as a result of a childhood illness.
  • He was a childhood participant in medical experiments, specifically for growth hormone.  Sadly, it did not work.
  • Like many men of his generation he has fought off a premature mid-life crisis by collecting tattoos.
  • He’s loves to travel, has been to over thirty countries, yet is deathly afraid of airplanes.